Link prediction

The ZIP file ( collects 22 networks from different sources and applications domains. These networks were carefully selected to cover a wide range of properties, including different sizes, average degrees, clustering coefficients, and heterogeneity indices. A summary of the structural properties of the networks we used in our experiments can be found in the table below.

UPG is a power distribution network. HPD, YST, and CEG are biological networks. ERD, KNH, LDG, SMG, ZWL, HTC, CGS, CDM, NSC, and GRQ are co-authorship networks for different fields of study. HMT, FBK, and ADV are social networks. UAL is an airport traffic network. EML is a network of individuals who shared emails. PGP is an interaction network of users of the Pretty Good Privacy algorithm. BUP is a network of political blogs. Finally, INF is a network of face-to-face contacts in an exhibition.

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