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Mining Complex Data


        Social networks
            FOAF ("friend of a friend"), e.g. Facebook
            Organization networks
            Socioeconomic networks
        Content networks
            Bibliographic networks
        Transportation networks
            Telecommunication networks, e.g. Internet
            Distribution networks, e.g. power grid
        Biological networks
            Ecological networks
            Genomic networks: gene-protein interactions
            Proteomic networks: protein-protein interactions
            Biological pathways
        Software networks

Network Properties 
    Interaction through connections

Network Structure
    Diameter ("small worlds")
    Degree distribution
    Clustering coefficient
+ Affiliation networks

Network Models
    Random-Graph Models
    Growing Random Models 
        Watts-Strogatz (small-world networks)
        Barabasi-Albert (scale-free networks)
    Hierarchical/Modular Networks
    Strategic Network Formation 

Network Dynamics
    Diffusion through Networks
        Social contagion (ideas, news, fads...)
    Search on Networks
    Social Influence Models
    Networked Markets

Graph Mining

Graph patterns
    Graph matching
    Frequent subgraphs
            Beam seach: SUBDUE
            Inductive logic programming: WARMR
            Apriori-like: AGM, FSG, "disjoint paths"
            FPGrowth-like: gSpan, Gaston, CloseGraph
        Indexing, e.g. GraphGrep, Grace, gIndex
        Information retrieval, e.g. Grafil
        Metadata mining: Schema mapping, schema discovery, schema reformulation 

    PageRank (Brin&Page’98, Google)
    HITS (Kleinberg’98)
    Block-level link analysis (Cai’2004)

Community detection (clustering)

    Object classification (e.g. multirelational classification)
    Link prediction (predict whether a link exists between two entities, based on attributes and other observed links)
        Link cardinality estimation: Predicting the number of links to an object. 
    Entity resolution (a.k.a. deduplication, reference reconciliation, co-reference resolution, object consolidation)


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