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Link scoring and prediction methods

posted May 15, 2015, 1:47 AM by Fernando Berzal   [ updated Jun 22, 2017, 3:17 AM by Fernando Berzal ]
A version of the NOESIS Network Analyzer tool including a score of link scoring and prediction methods is now available here.

NOESIS Network Analyzer

The tool now supports the following methods, which can be used both for link scoring (i.e. evaluating existing link) and link prediction (i.e. predicting new links):

- CN (Common Neighbors).

- AA (Adamic-Adar score).

- RA (Resource Allocation score).

- J (Jaccard score).

- PA (Preferential Attachment score).

- Salton score.

- Sorensen score.

- HPI (Hub-promoted index)

- HDI (Hub-depresseed index).

- LLHN (Local Leicht-Holme-Newman score)

- GLHN (Global Leicht-Holme-Newman score)

- K (Katz score)

- RW (random walk score).

- RWR (random walk with restart score).

- FP (flow propagation score).

- PL (pseudoinverse Laplacian score).

- ACT (average commute time score).

- RFK (random forest kernel score).

Victor Hugo's "Les Misérables" link scoring: common neighbours, preferential attachment score & Katz index.

You can access these methods using the "Analysis > Links > Link prediction" menu for predicting new links or the "Analysis > Links > Link scoring" menu for evaluating existing ones. They are available in the LSP [link scoring and prediction] version of the NOESIS Network Analyzer.